Why Fiberglass is the Future of Pools

High End Sports Cars, Yachts and Aircraft are some of the 40,000 products that are made from Fiberglass. Of course, our personal favorite is the Fiberglass Pool. But why are these pools gaining popularity and why is every negative article about these pools written by a concrete pool company? Simple, Fiberglass Pools are the FUTURE and as people become more and more educated, they choose fiberglass.


Quality Control

Fiberglass pools are manufactured in a facility with strict quality control standards. This means that every pool can be warrantied for LIFE!!. This adds peace of mind that you are backed by not only Flamingo Pools, but also the manufacturer. Ask your concrete builder if they can warranty their product for life.



Fiberglass by nature is more flexible and adapts better to ground movement than concrete. As the seasons and weather change, the ground expands and contracts which is the reason you start to find cracks in your foundation, patio, driveway or concrete pool. Does this mean your concrete pool will lose all of its water, typically no. It does mean that the longer you have the pool, the more repairs and maintenance you will need to do to fix or maintain the pool. Fiberglass pools are warrantied for life on their structure.


Less Maintenance

Concrete and Fiberglass installers alike will agree that a fiberglass pool requires less maintenance than traditional concrete. If you find an installer who disagrees, odds are they have no experience with a fiberglass pool. Concrete is porous and absorbs and releases chemicals and minerals which means more chemicals to keep the chemistry on point. Most fiberglass pool owners spend 30 minutes a week on maintenance. Flamingo Pools also installs main drains on their fiberglass pools where most fiberglass companies do not. Why? Simply, if it was our pool, we would install main drains so we feel we should do this for our customers too.


Salt Water Pools

Salt is very abrasive on concrete which simply means you have to resurface your pool sooner. This means you will need to re-paint or replaster your concrete pool at a cost of $8,000-$10,000. This will need to be done either way on your concrete pool however the salt system speeds up the need to resurface. Salt systems do not harm the surface of the fiberglass pool and are a simple and easy solution to maintain the water chemistry.



Ask anyone who has had a concrete pool build and they will tell you the construction phase is the worst process. There can be 7 different teams in your backyard and the process from start to finish can take months. Fiberglass pools are built off site and once delivered can be installed within a couple weeks. Flamingo Pools will show you a timeline and ensure your yard is prepped, equipment delivered and materials available so your pool can go in seamlessly once delivered. Why wait 5 weeks for your custom pool to be manufactured and never see any progress? This can be frustrating and here at Flamingo, we want to eliminate the headache and move your project forward as efficiently as possible.


Softer on the Feet

This actually makes a big difference especially for children. Concrete is rough and can tear up feet and knees. Customers who have had concrete in the past ask for fiberglass specifically for this reason. Some builders say that fiberglass pools are slippery and therefore you should buy concrete. Not all fiberglass pools are created the same and while this could be true for cheap brands, Flamingo offers pools with grip built into the stairs on our pools.


Algae is Harder to Grow

Concrete is porous and algae or mold can take root easily. Why do you think pool service companies carry steel brushes to scrape the concrete and remove the algae? Fiberglass is non porous and doesn’t allow algae to take root. This means less chemicals and easier maintenance.


Tons of Shapes

Flamingo Pools offer over 50 of the most popular shapes and sizes of fiberglass pools. Odds are if you have seen a concrete design, you can find a similar design in fiberglass. Most customers don’t know that we can get creative with the designs and include negative edges, sunken kitchens, spas, tanning ledges and water features. The shell, whether concrete or fiberglass is the portion in ground, the rest can be completely custom to meet your vision!!


Swim Longer

Fiberglass by nature is an insulator which means that your pool typically stays 8 degrees warmer than a concrete pool. This means you can swim sooner and longer than your neighbor with a concrete pool. Now I’m sure the neighbor will tell you the water feels amazing cold, but does it really??



You wouldn’t buy a brand new car and tell the dealer, no thanks I don’t need the manufacturer’s warranty, would you? A pool is usually the single largest investment in your backyard, wouldn’t you want to protect that also? Imagine buying a brand new car, paying it off in 8 years and being forced to repaint it. This is what it’s like to purchase a concrete pool and resurface it after 8 years which is pretty standard. Protect your purchase with a warranty that’s included on not only the structure but the surface as well.

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