Museum of South Texas History

The Museum of South Texas History is located in Edinburg, Texas. It features exhibits on the history of South Texas, the Rio Grande Valley and the North Eastern Mexican States. Highlights of the museum include an ice-age mammoth and giant prehistoric mosasaur. Exhibits also cover Spanish exploration, the steamboat era, the Cattle Kingdom, River Crossroads, the Mexican Revolution, and more.


The Museum of South Texas History was founded in 1967 as the Hidalgo County Historical Museum. It now occupies a city block in Edinburg. The museum was originally housed in a 1910 jail, and focuses on the rich heritage and blending culture of the borderland area. The museum includes artifacts, historical displays, and interactive exhibits that will educate you about the region’s rich history and blended culture. Additional Info


One of the oldest brick structures in Edinburg is the jail. A master plan in 2006 outlined renovations for this quaint but historic building. In 2007, repairs were completed to the roof. New moisture barriers were installed to prevent rising damp. The jail is now a Registered Texas Historical Landmark and will house changing exhibits. While the jail is no longer in use, it has been renovated and has become a beautiful museum.


Another place to visit when you’re in the area is Harlingen. Nearby McAllen and Edinburg are popular tourist destinations in the Rio Grande Valley. You can also visit the Lon C. Hill home and original hospital, which are located in the town’s downtown area. The Museum of South Texas History is an excellent place to spend the day. It is a wonderful stop on your way to South Padre Island.


The museum is split into two levels. The upper level features exhibits on prehistoric fossils, ancient civilizations, and the Spanish colonial period. The lower level features relics from wars and the twentieth century. There are even prehistoric dinosaur fossils on display, which you can explore in the Upper Level. During your visit, don’t miss the museum’s three long-term exhibition areas. Up next is Quinta Mazatlan


The Alamo Museum is the latest addition to the city. The museum features some of the finest artwork in Texas, including Pancho Villa’s saddle. You can also see an authentic Chuck Wagon, or get up close to a Taos Society of Artists painting. There are interactive exhibits to learn more about the history of the town. The museum also has a cool robot named Baxter. The Alamo also hosts puppet parades and outdoor activities.