International Museum of Art & Science

With over 50,000 square feet of exhibit space, the International Museum of Art & Science McAllan TX is an excellent place to take the kids. Located at 1900 W Nolana Ave, McAllen, TX 78504. Kids can enjoy a variety of hands-on exhibits that will teach them about art and science. Whether they’re on a field trip or just looking for a family outing, the museum offers something for everyone. Kids will also enjoy the fun summer camps and school programs offered here.


A trip to McAllen would not be complete without a visit to the McAllen Heritage Center. Founded in 2008, this museum is home to artifacts, pictures, videos, and murals that explore the town’s history. The museum covers everything from the first European discovery of the Rio Grande Valley to the founding of the town itself in the early 20th century. Visitors can enjoy exhibits focusing on art, history, and culture of the area. Check this out


The city is located in the Rio Grande Valley, which began rapid development in the late 1800s. From a desolate region, it became a center for farming. By the early 1900s, McAllen was a thriving agricultural community, with a strong regional economy. During the 1980s, the city’s focus shifted from rural agriculture to international trade, health care, retail, and tourism. The city’s historic district is filled with galleries and local artists.


The International Museum of Art & Science is an impressive institution that is home to more than 50,000 square feet of exhibit space. The museum is a Smithsonian Affiliate, fully accredited by the American Alliance of Museums, and has been open to the public for almost six years. While the majority of exhibits are aimed at children, there are plenty of fun exhibits that adults will love, too.


Located in an old municipal airport, the Houston Museum of Fine Arts is a smaller museum but still holds its art deco charm. It still has a Braniff and Eastern Airlines desk, and hosts a variety of seasonal exhibits. Make sure to check the schedule before planning your trip! Once you’re here, don’t miss out on the world’s oldest art museum. It’s well worth the trip.


The city has made strides to create an urban sanctuary for the birds and butterflies that live there. A world-class staff teaches visitors about the wildlife, including the rare Green Jay, which is the official bird of McAllen. If you’re craving Mexican food, McAllen is home to two Delia’s restaurants. A famous tamale restaurant opened in McAllen in south McAllen 20 years ago and has since expanded to five other locations in the city.

There’s also an exhibit dedicated to Frida Kahlo, which features works by more than 100 artists and celebrates her life. Frida’s work, which explores issues of gender and culture in Mexico, continues to influence popular culture today. For this reason, it’s worth taking a trip to McAllen to see the museum’s diverse collection. The International Museum of Art & Science McAllen TX

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