Swimming is a fun, healthy activity that’s perfect for beating the summer heat! Having a swimming pool at home gives you the opportunity to swim on a regular basis and stay active.

However, you must also maintain the swimming pool to ensure that it’s always ready for use and remains sanitary.

Maintaining a pool is not that difficult. You mainly have to ensure that everything is running properly so that you can avoid any big problems from building up.

Doing a weekly check on your pool will help you reduce your maintenance costs as well.

If you have a swimming pool at home, make sure to follow these important maintenance tips on a weekly basis to keep it clean and functional.

Sweep the Debris

The most important thing to do is to sweep up the big debris that accumulates in your pool. These parts can quickly choke your filter and give your pool a dirty appearance.

Removing the debris can give your pool filter more longevity and ensure that your pool is hygienic for you and your family to use.

Clean Pool Walls & Floor

Cleaning the water is important but it’s also essential to make sure that the pool walls and floor are also clean. This is necessary because it can keep the algae from growing and it can keep your pool clean.

You can use a vacuum to remove the dust and keep it from settling on the floor. You can also get a robotic pool cleaner to clean through the walls.

Check Pump & Filter

Make sure to check your pool pump and filter on a weekly basis to ensure that it’s in perfect working condition. If you find a small choke in either of the two, you should get it fixed immediately otherwise your pump and filter may blow.

Test the pH Level

Your pool water should have a healthy pH level to ensure that it doesn’t irritate your skin. In your weekly maintenance, make sure to test your pool’s pH levels and balance it in case you find that it’s not appropriate.

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