What can be more inviting than a clean and cool pool of water in your home?

With winters long over and the summertime soon reaching its pinnacle, like many homeowners, you must have contemplated opening up your pools for the season.

However, before you do a cannonball in your beloved pool, you’ll need to bring your water pH to normal and eliminate lingering bacteria.

Here’s our guide for pool water maintenance and how often should you change your water:

Why You Shouldn’t Drain Your Pool So Frequently

Do you know hydrostatic pressure can crack your pool and collapse it if you empty it too frequently? It’s risky to empty your pool and leave it without water.

You need to understand that there is water under your pool, around your pool, and inside the pool, pushing up against the pool walls and floor.

So, the water beneath the pool can increase in pressure once the pool is emptied. This is called hydrostatic pressure.

In this case, if you’ve got a fiberglass pool, the pressure can lift the floor of the pool and cause damage to the walls.

Whereas in concrete pools, it can cause the entire pool to shift and crack. So, in case you’ve left your pool empty for too long, you can call the local swimming pool repair experts and get it fixed.

When Should You Ideally Replace Your Swimming Pool Water

The ideal time to replace your pool water, according to swimming pool installation experts, is around 5-7 years.

They’ll also recommend that you fill your pool in mild weather to avoid damage by sunlight and heat.

You can always consult a swimming pool manufacturer to ask about the ideal time to drain and re-fill. Also, high-quality water is essential for our health so avoid using hard water because PH is difficult to maintain.

You can replace your pool water when:

  1. There’s an extreme amount of algae that is not going away with chlorine shocks.
  2. Your pool structure has finished repairs
  3. The TDS levels have exceeded 1400 or more. This level is too high to treat with chemicals and you’ll need to replace your water.

Why You Should Avoid Using Hard Water

Well-maintained pool water can last you up to five years and maybe seven, depending upon your usage and maintenance.

You’ll need to get weekly cleanings, PH checkers, and functional filters to do your regular maintenance and if you want your pool water to last.

If you’re considering hard water in your pool, it can reduce the life of your pool water and increase your maintenance cost. So, opt for soft water and avoid the hassle.

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