If you’re a novice pool owner who has just got their first pool, there are many things you should know about pool maintenance and keeping the pH of the water balanced.

This basic guide can help you learn more about maintaining your pool and list some chemical solutions you can use to target bacteria, algae, and other foreign elements.

Here’s all you need to know:

Pool Shock Chemicals

Chlorine shock chemicals come in various concentrations. You can use regular or heavy treatments depending upon where you are in the pool season. Ideally, the concentration of chlorine in the pool should be about 1-3 parts per million.

So you should look for chlorine shock products with 99% concentration. With a lower concentration, you might feel like you are getting a cheap deal, but you might actually end up paying more for it in the long run.

A chlorine shock will not only sanitize your pool but also take care of the chloramine particles that occur when you sanitize with chlorine. These particles can irritate your skin when you go for a swim.

So always wait 12 hours after you add chlorine to your water. Whereas, a chlorine shock breaks down the bacteria and these particles and maintains the efficiency of your chlorine. You can use the chlorine shock in the evening, as it can slow down chlorine burn-off.

If you don’t wish to use chlorine shocks to sanitize your pool, you can use other pool shock chemicals to remove the extra chloramine. These are usually called oxidizing shocks.

And since these shocks don’t have chlorine, you can go swimming in the pool after fifteen minutes of treatment. We advise that you shock your pool at least once a week.

Pool Sanitizing Chemicals

Pool sanitizing chemicals are normally available in the form of chlorine tablets. This chemical agent is used to ensure that no algae and bacteria survive in your home pool.

The most common type of chlorine-based chemical is Trichloro-S-Triazinetrione, also known as TriChlor. This chemical has a stabilizer called cyanuric acid that makes sure that the chlorine works well and doesn’t burn off so quickly.

Pool Balancing Agents

One of the most common swimming pool balancing agents is alkaline-based chemicals. You can check your local market and confer with your swimming pool repair services to ask about the most efficient alkalinity balancers.

The proper level you want to maintain is between 80-120 parts per million. If your pH tester shows that your alkalinity is too high, you can use pH balancers to fix it and bring in the 7 range.

The ideal range you should be going for is 7.2 and 7.6. You should check the water weekly when you prepare your shock or sanitizing treatment.

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Now that you know the basics of sanitization and shock treatments, and chemical balancers, it’s time to clean your swimming pool and enjoy summertime.

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